Professional on-site nursing service │ JpGU Meeting 2020.


【nursing service】

Please apply for the service after reading below information.
age:0~6years old・Primary school student
charge:Infants(0-12 months old) : 1000JPY / hour
    1years old~ :800JPY / hour
    Primary school : 500JPY / hour  (tax included)
※We will stop accepting applications when the limit is reached. 
※If the child has no appetite or doesn’t feel fine, there is a possibility of refusal even with normal body temperature.
◇About the location of the nursery room: 
Information will be provided via email after making reservation. In case of trouble finding the right place, please come to the JpGU reception desk near the venue’s entrance. Due to security reasons we do not publish this information on our homepage.
Also in care of your child’s security, please to not tell the location of the nursery room to any third parties.
 English speaking staff is available on all days .

【Things to bring on the day】

・Change of clothes(plz prepare extra pair of clothes for just in case)
・diaper(if needed)
・milk/lunch(depends on the time)
・ID (Ex, drivers licenses)

【Payment method】

◇You will be asked to make payment by credit card
  picking up your child from the nursery.
◇bank transfer in cash(sending you invoice later)

【Cancellation Policy】

◇reservations expired on :2020/5/20.23:59
◇Cancellation fees may apply. Please check our website for more details

    JpGU 2020予約フォーム│一時保育予約フォーム

    Name [parent]※must

    Name [child]※must

    Age ※must

    Favorite things to do※must

    Phone No※must

    E-mail address※must

    Reservation date※must

    Request time│ Ex,5/27/8:30~19:30※must
    (Plz make reservation time longer If you are not sure till what time)

    Others/Special request ※must
    Ex, Allergy、nap time、how to fall asleep (cuddling ・on the bed)
    Amount of food (picky eaters ) etc

    SNS・HP│JpGU 2020、Pictures on the SNS, HP※must
    OKOk but only no faces shownNot Ok on any SNS or HP

    【Cancellation Policy】
    ◇reservations expired on :2020/5/20.23:59
    ◇There will be cancellation charges (full amount) after 5/21. 0:00
    Plz let us know in Advance if you want cancel your reservation.